Why Dahitz.

Artists Are the New Music Business Owners

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Why Dahitz

People are struggling , as they express their inner thoughts on paper and them by music , and finally during production . Their goal is to allow you to understand thoughts that they have on the inside about situations that they are pondering on , or going through, whether its Hurt, Anger, Love or just fun. Dahitz and staff know this feeling , since we come from all aspects of the business, we see a decrease in information and a rise in Hussleation , with no positive end results, Our compassion for the Art and Artists drives us to find way from an Artists view to give hope that the business is still that dream and can be a goal ..


So, getting .50 cents, and you said you wanted 1.00 dollar , makes sense to you ? In Louisiana we have a saying, "Where they do that at ?" When set your price you should expect to get it ,not be told you cant get it unless you give up 50%. So your blood sweat and tears, sacrificing a bill, staying away from family is being shared with someone who wasn't even there , start thinking as a sole partner, instead of having someone do the work for you...